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Welcome to the STAMPEDE website. We will be adding regular updates about the trial and have made all of the trial documentation available for you to download. Please check the site regularly and add us to your favourites!


Prostate cancer accounts for around one fifth of all male cancers. In the UK there are around 25,000 new cases each year and around 10,000 deaths.  Most men with prostate cancer are given hormone therapy and this is often effective for a short time at stopping the tumour growing. However in most cases over time the tumour will start to grow again.

The aim of this trial is to try to prevent the tumour re-growth by adding other treatment to the hormone therapy. The trial is currently assessing abiraterone and enzalutamide in combination with hormone therapy or radiotherapy (newly diagnosed metastatic patients only) in combination with hormone therapy.



STAMPEDE Chief Investigator, Professor Nick James, presented the first results from the trial’s “original comparisons” at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting held in Chicago on 31 May 2015.

The presentation was part of the Genitourinary (Prostate) Cancer session. It focused on the primary outcome measure of overall survival for the pairwise comparisons of patients on arm B (standard-of-care + zoledronic acid), arm C (standard-of-care + docetaxel) and arm E (standard-of-care + zoledronic acid + docetaxel) to contemporaneously recruited patients on the control arm A (standard-of-care).

You can also see a more detailed news story on these findings on the main MRC CTU website

A PDF copy of the presentation can be found here.  Please email mrcctu.stampede@ucl.ac.uk if you require a PPT version.

A short summary of the results aimed for patients and trial participants can be found here. This can be used to inform patients on newly available evidence on first-line treatment of locally advanced or metastatic patients who are starting ADT for the first time.

A manuscript will be soon submitted for publication on behalf of the STAMPEDE investigators.

We would be very interested to know who is downloading the presentation slides, therefore we would very much appreciate it if you can email us at mrcctu.stampede@ucl.ac.uk to let us know if you download the presentation.


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STAMPEDE: European Urology publication on M1 control patients

A new article using data from the control arm of the STAMPEDE trial has been published in European Urology. The article focuses on survival outcomes in patients with newly-diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer.

Read the European Urology article .


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